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"Some how, some way, some day, I will represent my country, and play fast-pitch softball for TEAM
USA in the World Olympics."
 Jamie Gray, 15
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International Olympic Committee

   The 117th International Olypmic Committee voted to exclude softball from the World Olympic Program in 2012. According to the Olympic Charter, rule 46, softball will remain on a list, and may be eligible for inclusion in the program for the 2016 World Olympic Games.
   Softball will still be a part of the Olympic Games in the 2008 World Program. USA, ISA, and ASA softball affiliates along with the US Olympic Committee are being led by the ISF to show the IOC that there is world interest for this sport.
   The birth of softball in the 1996 World Olympic Games was a great accomplishment toward world wide acceptance of Women's team sports. It would be a short-lived life if elimated after the 2008 World Olympic Games, and it would be a tragic event for so many young dreams of participation to be shattered.

   NOTE:  World wide support for this sport is needed (before 2008) to make sure the IOC re-instates softball for the 2016 World Olympic Games. This website was designed to show the IOC that there is interest. Please sign the petition on this page, and pass this information on to all others who may be interested.

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